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We provide everything you’ll need (towels, shower products, hairdryer, earplugs, etc.). You’ll be using the floating room alone (or with your floating buddy), so we advise you to float naked so that you’re not bothered by your swimwear. Or you can wear your swimming costume if you prefer. You wash your hair before floating, so you won’t need a bathing cap.

Hygiene at our centre meets the strictest requirements. Read more about this here.

Finish up anything that might distract you before your session. That’ll make it easier to switch off and relax. Don’t eat or drink too much just before floating. You don’t want to be disturbed by your digestive system during floating, or actually have to get out of the float pool. Come without expectations. Floating is all about relaxing, and you’ll find that works best when we banish expectations and simply enjoy the moment as it is. Please avoid wet shaving and epilation on the day of your float – the highly concentrated brine may cause a burning sensation on irritated skin. Don’t wear contact lenses, you might lose them. We also advise you not to wear makeup, you’ll find it more comfortable without. But if you feel better wearing makeup, then please do! Follow our instructions if we advise againt floating or recommend you see your doctor. Read more about this here.

Use the pool exactly as you wish. You’ll find it’s worth setting aside the first few minutes of the session to actively focus on relaxing, i.e. assume a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths and concentrate on your body. Is your arm relaxed? How does your neck feel? Go over your entire body (repeatedly) and really let go. Now you’re ready to float! If you become aware of certain areas of your body during floating, or you’re aware of them for longer than usual, pay special attention to them in particular. Lie still. Don’t try to calm your thoughts. If your head refuses to "switch off", then leave it be and just ignore it. Let your thoughts wander as they will and simply concentrate on the fact that you are. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep during floating. You won’t topple over or go under. So floating is great for non-swimmers too! As you float, you can quite deliberately approach and explore the borderline between sleep and waking consciousness. And don’t worry if you swallow a little brine, it’s harmless.

After floating, rinse thoroughly under the shower to remove salt from your hair and then apply conditioner – we provide shampoo and conditioner. Set aside some unscheduled quiet time for yourself after floating, or do something you enjoy to let the experience of floating really take hold. It’s great if the slowing down that comes from floating stays with you for a while, shielding you from day-to-day hectic for a little longer!

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