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Our state-of-the-art facilities have no equal anywhere in Switzerland. They are especially designed to provide you with total relaxation and tranquillity. You will notice the positive effect this has on your body and mind, and how you leave our centre feeling completely relaxed and re-energised. We place great emphasis on providing you with the perfect floating experience.

This is what makes our facility so special:

In comparison to conventional facilities, with us, you're not in a capsule with a lid, but instead have your own room with a floating pool. This is a significant advantage over the traditional capsules, which is beneficial for people with claustrophobia. The room itself is soundproofed and has no light to enable floating. The floating room also includes a shower and a changing room.

Our brine pools contain up to 600 kg of dissolved Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulphate (MgSO₄). Magnesium and sulphates are important for the body’s biochemistry. In many cultures, magnesium sulphate is used in traditional medicine and is the basis of many spa treatments (e.g. “Dead Sea”). Besides cosmetic skincare, magnesium sulphate is also used for much wider spectrum of benefits. Among other things, magnesium reduces inflammation, regulates the processing of certain enzymes and has a positive impact on the functioning of the nerves and muscles. Magnesium can be absorbed and metabolised far better through the skin than through diet. Sulphate plays a role in the structuring of brain tissue and proteins in the joints. It aids the body with detoxification and helps with the absorption of nutrients. Using brine pools has a positive effect on the skin, cardiovasular system, metabolism, hormonal functions, kidneys and muscles. So bathing in highly concentrated Epsom salt is an absolute treat for the body.

Floating in brine doesn’t make the skin wrinkle up like it does in the bath. The salt keeps the skin soft and supple and has a positive effect on a variety of skin conditions. The skin absorbs the minerals from the special salt (Epsom salt), thereby assisting the healing process. Magnesium in particular can be absorbed much better through the skin and has an notable anti-inflammatory effect.

The water is treated using a special system that meets the highest requirements. The water is 99.9 % clean and is drawn off and filtered after every session. A sand filter removes all the microparticles from the water. The benefit of this is that the pH value of the water stays in the neutral range. We measure this value after every floating session. These measures guarantee water of the highest quality.


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