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As a company dedicated to mental and physical health, we strive to spread our vision throughout the DACH region and overseas markets.

Roadmap: Our roadmap is focused on growth. We have ambitious goals, including opening new centers in various locations across the DACH region and overseas. Through continuous innovation and the delivery of exceptional experiences, we aim to become a leading company in the field of mental and physical health.

Why invest in Flooat AG? In addition to our forward-looking position in the field of mental and physical health, the people behind Flooat AG have already led multiple successful companies. This is not an experiment, but a business model with proven high market potential.

The Wellness, Beauty, and Health Billion-Dollar Market: The market for wellness, beauty, and health (mental and physical) is growing significantly and is worth billions of dollars. Our float baths, construction methods, and services are different from what is currently available in the market. We are confident that we will open numerous locations across the DACH region and overseas in a short period of time. Our business model allows potential investors to earn a high return on their investment.

For more information on investment opportunities at Flooat AG, Andreas Ackermann (Founder of Flooat AG) is personally available at 079 376 39 85 or We are looking for individuals who not only seek good returns on their invested capital but also believe in the enormous potential of the billion-dollar wellness, beauty, and health market.


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