We are the most effective, most efficient health company.

With us, you can look forward to space and peace.



The FLOOAT AG was founded by individuals who have known each other for many years and personally lead the company. For many years, we have been exploring the following question: “What does it take for a person to remain healthy, mentally stable, and happy despite the circumstances surrounding them?” One possible approach is for individuals to completely shut down their “software program” (their mind), which is stored on the “hardware” (the brain), once or several times a week. It’s about relaxing the body and mind and embarking on a journey towards feelings of joy, love, and gratitude. Although this may sound esoteric, spiritual, or religious, it is not. Anyone who seriously engages with this subject recognizes the immediate connection between mental state and physical well-being.

We build oases of well-being where healthy individuals can take a break and where people with various illnesses and in different life situations can relax, always with the goal of completely slowing down.

Our vision is well-being and inner balance for all.

What you can expect from us:

  • We treat you with respect, openness, and trust.
  • You will find space and tranquility with us.
  • You will experience lightness, relaxation, and well-being with us.
  • Each location is staffed with a site manager, an assistant site manager, and two to three employees who take care of guest service, hygiene, and cleanliness.



Our Founders – Passion, Experience, and Vision

Andreas Ackermann ( 079 376 39 85andreas@flooat.ch), discovered his passion for floating many years ago. As a hypnotherapist, entrepreneur, and mindset coach, he recognized not only the physical benefits of this unique experience but also the positive impact on mental well-being. Even back then, he knew that one day he would own a floating center himself.

Angela Cavicchiolo (079 246 56 71angela@flooat.ch), an enthusiastic service designer, had already experienced the benefits of floating firsthand. Her personal experience with floating and her understanding of the value of this therapeutic approach were crucial to her enthusiasm for being part of this extraordinary project.

Together, Andreas and Angela developed the basic idea for FLOOAT AG and worked to revolutionize the industry and bring floating more prominently into the world. With passion and determination, they are committed to supporting people in leading healthy, balanced, and happy lives.