Valentines-Dream – The Circle

From: CHF 250.00 60 minutes

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Dive into a world of weightlessness and romance with our Valentines-Dream Package at Flooat AG in The Circle, Zurich Airport. Experience the ultimate feeling of freedom and relaxation as you and your partner gently float on water. Our specially designed floating pools, tailored for two, allow both of you to close your eyes and drift into a world of tranquility and wellbeing.

This package offers you not just a unique escape from everyday life but also a special opportunity to strengthen your connection with your partner and unwind together. Enjoy the silence and the feeling that, for a moment, the world revolves only around the two of you.

Book your Valentines-Dream Package now and create unforgettable moments of togetherness at Flooat AG in The Circle at Zurich Airport. Be enchanted by the magic of floating and experience the world slowing down around you. Your journey into relaxation awaits.