Float for 2 persons – Swiss life Arena

From: CHF 225.00 60 minutes



Experience the ultimate feeling of freedom with the Float for 2 persons from Flooat AG at the Swiss Life Arena! Close your eyes and feel yourself floating gently with your partner on the water, while the world around you slows down.

Float for 2 persons is a unique experience that stimulates your senses and takes you on an emotional journey. The specially developed technology from Flooat AG ensures that you are in a completely safe and relaxed environment.

Float for 2 persons is perfect for anyone looking for a break from their daily routine and wants to recharge their energy. Whether with your partner or a good friend, this experience will not disappoint. It’s an unforgettable experience that will inspire you long after it’s over.

Book your Float for 2 persons experience now at the Swiss Life Arena with Flooat AG and experience the ultimate feeling of freedom together!